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By the year 2020, the federal government has stated that 319,000 new jobs will be required in the construction sector alone. This makes the need for more skilled workers today stronger than ever! Raising awareness and providing resources is key to attracting more women to a career in the skilled trades.

With this in mind, the Manitoba Construction Sector Council, Manitoba Home Builders’ Association, Manitoba Heavy Construction Association, Manitoba Building Trades, and Winnipeg Construction Association are hosted a first-of-its-kind, 2-day long Manitoba Women in Trades Conference, February  18-19th, 2020 (7:30am-4:00pm) at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Conference Centre in Winnipeg, MB. The conference was geared toward women who need support, guidance, and connections to make their construction career a success, as well as to employers, superintendents, project managers and estimators to identify ways to recruit, retain and support women in trades.

The Purpose of This Conference:

  • 51 presenters, all leaders in the construction industry, identified challenges and demonstrated effective strategies to work in construction
  • Women connected to supports available in Manitoba for women in trades
  • Employers demonstrated best practices in the recruitment and retention of women working in construction
  • Indigenous women learned how to overcome challenges to retain employment in the construction industry
  • Construction and safety associations, educational institutions, Apprenticeship and construction companies hosted 40 trade show booths to recruit and market their products and services
  • 530 attendees networked and built relationships to support women in construction

Priority for Attendees:

Superintendents, Estimators, Project Managers, Employers, Employees of Construction Companies or Suppliers of Construction Companies, Newcomers, Indigenous People, Youth, New Entrants, Skilled Labourers, Journey People and Supervisors

As a result of the conference, the Manitoba Construction Sector Council will be developing a one-day Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges workshop to be delivered by local community colleges, industry trainers, career counsellors and associations that support women in transition. In addition, MCSC will create a printed and virtual booklet depicting women’s Stories of Success to support other women in workplace transition. On March 2nd, 2021, the second Women in Trades Conference will continue the conversation!

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The Manitoba Women in Trades Conference Tradeshow features an extensive list of companies and employers. 

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To make this event happen, we are in need of sponsorship from our industry, education and government partners.  With this support, we will be able to bring in the very best presenters and will sponsor women who could not otherwise afford to attend this event.

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