Water Distribution and Wastewater Installer Certificate

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Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) partnered with the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) to develop and deliver a water distribution wastewater installer micro-credential for Indigenous communities. Graduates of this course will be eligible to work as assistants with certified operators. Participants will learn the basics of water lines, septic systems, and lift station installation. The lessons delivered are specific to the water system training required in that community. Course materials designed for the community will remain in the community for future reference.

Clients who complete the program may ladder to other water and wastewater training, including, but not limited to, the MCSC/MEIA water distribution, wastewater operator micro-credential (2021), and the Red River College, Water and Wastewater Training and Certification.


  • Indigenous Communities

Course One-pager

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Delivery Method


  • In class
  • On the worksite

Course Duration

Three weeks

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 10
  • Interest in working in the Water Distribution & Water Waste sectors


  • MCSC/MEIA Certificate
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology Micro-Credential

Completion Requirements

  • Regular attendance in class and at the worksite

Credit Transfer

  • TBD

Registration Instructions

Contact the Manitoba Construction Sector Council via the Program Assistant below.

Heavy Construction Flow Chart

See the following chart to see the program flow for the heavy Construction Employment Preparation Program.

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Course Modules

Module 1 – General installation skills and safety

Module 2 – How to install ABS pipe

  • Properties & uses of ABS pipe
  • How to cut ABS pipe
  • How to install ABS pipe using chemical fusion welding
  • How to install ABS pipe using threaded compression fittings
  • How to support ABS pipe

Module 3 – How to install PEX pipe

  • Properties & uses of PEX pipe
  • How to cut PEX pipe
  • How to install PEX pipe using crimp rings
  • How to install PEX pipe using cinch rings
  • How to install PEX pipe using PEX expansion rings & fitting
  • How to support PEX pipe

Module 4 – How to install HDPE pipe

  • Properties & uses of HDPE pipe
  • How to cut HDPE pipe
  • How to install HDPE pipe using fusion methods
  • How to install HDPE pipe using compression
  • How to support HDPE pipe

Module 5 – Septic system installation & Lift station Installation

  • Excavation
  • How to install piping to the tank
  • How to install/pull a lift station sewage pump

Module 6 – Use of Tools

  • Beveler, cincher, crimper, everloc expander, guillotine pipe expander, peeler, pipe shears, Pro-pex expander, reamer pipe, rotary pipe cutter

Module 7 – Aeration System Installation

  • Purpose, preparation and Installation of aeration system

Module 8 – Hot Taps

  • Purpose, preparation and Installation of hot taps

Module 9 – Line Stop Installation

  • Purpose, preparation and Installation of a line stop

Module 10 – Devices

  • Auto vent, check valve, filters, meters, pressure regulator, pressure safety valve, shut off valve

Lesson 11 – Lift Station (Optional)

  • Purpose, lift station installation A & B, lift station pump removal


Program Assistant

Harleen Kaur

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Harleen assists MCSC project managers in preparing training and presentation materials for program delivery. She supports the financial manager with administration requirements and databases. She is responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operation in a busy work environment.

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Water Distribution and Wastewater Installer Certificate


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