Intro to Home Building Certificate

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The Introduction to Residential Construction course will provide students with career options in the growing residential construction sector. This course will prepare participants with the foundational knowledge to develop an understanding of their work preferences, develop their ability to research and analyze careers of interest and identify their personal qualities and skills as they relate to working in the residential construction industry. Introduction to Residential Construction will provide students with career options in the growing residential sector.



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Delivery Method


Course Duration

3 weeks full-time in class (110 hours)

Entrance Requirements

Completion of the Job Readiness course and/or the ability to attend class regularly and punctually.


Manitoba Construction Sector Council certficate

Completion Requirements

• Regular attendance
• Regular punctuality
• Completion of assignments

Registration Instructions

Contact the Manitoba Construction Sector Council via our Program Assistant below.

Home Builder Flow Chart

See the following chart to see the program flow for the Home Builder Employment Preparation Program.

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Course Modules

Module 1

  • Increase awareness of the Residential Construction Industry in Manitoba

Module 2

  • Identify educational opportunities for careers in construction
  • Increase awareness of the essential skills needed for a successful career in Residential Construction
  • Explore potential career paths in Residential Construction

Module 3

  • Demonstrate knowledge of safe work procedures

Course Manager

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Program Assistant

Harleen Kaur

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Harleen assists MCSC project managers in preparing training and presentation materials for program delivery. She supports the financial manager with administration requirements and databases. She is responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operation in a busy work environment.

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Intro to Home Building Certificate


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