Fundamentals in Heavy Construction Certificate

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This SIC meets both the needs of the students and the community, as it provides awareness of the Heavy Construction industry in Manitoba. It di ers more than 50% from the standard provincial curriculum, as the course is taught by industry professionals with expertise in heavy construction in Manitoba.

The justification for this course is as follows:

The course is designed to guide the student’s exploration and understanding of heavy construction in the following topics:

  • Introduction to the industry
  • Careers
  • Work readiness
  • Holistic nutrition and fitness
  • Safety (12 separate courses)
  • Working in the industry
  • Industry site visits

Developed by Manitoba Heavy Construction Association in cooperation with Manitoba Construction Sector Council and Southeast Collegiate.



Course One-pager

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Delivery Method


Course Duration

110 hours of training that includes in-class and on-site training.

Registration Instructions

Contact the Manitoba Construction Sector Council via the Program Assistant below.

Heavy Construction Flow Chart

See the following chart to see the program flow for the heavy Construction Employment Preparation Program.

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Student Learning Outcomes

General Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the heavy construction industry in Manitoba
  • Gain knowledge of work readiness expectations and skills
  • Increased understanding of holistic nutrition and fitness practices
  • Be aware of safe work practices in heavy construction
  • Identify hazards in the workplace and how to deal with them
  • Demonstrate proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of emergency preparedness
  • Gain knowledge of winter road construction and road safety
  • Complete Flag person practical applications
  • Increased understanding of equipment theory
  • Complete simulator training tasks

Specific Learning Outcomes

This course consists of 18 modules. Specific learning outcomes are included in each module. See below.

Content Outline and Time Allotments

  • The time allotment for the course is 110 hours or 1 credit
  • This course consists of 18 modules. Each module is specific to one topic and includes clear outcomes, activities and expectations
  • Modules vary in length from 3 hours to 22 hours
  • Classes are scheduled once a week for 3 hours each (Tuesday afternoons)

Classroom activities will consist of:

  • Lectures
  • Individual and group assignments
  • Videos
  • Discussions
  • Internet research
  • Practical applications
  • Site visits
  • Simulators

Course Modules

The 18 modules and time allotments are as follows:


Total: 12 Hours

  • Introduction to Industry/MHCA | 3 hours
  • Careers in Industry | 3 hours
  • Work Readiness | 3 hours
  • Workplace Wellness | 3 hours


Total 45 hours

  • MSI Prevention | 3 Hours
  • Worker Orientation | 3 Hours
  • Job Hazard Assessment and Control | 3 Hours
  • Safety Talks | 6 Hours
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) | 3 Hours
  • WHMIS | 3 Hours
  • Excavation/Trenching | 6 Hours
  • Confined Space Awareness | 3 Hours
  • Emergency Preparedness | 3 Hours
  • Winter Roads | 3 Hours
  • Flagperson /practical certificate | 6 Hours
  • Road Builder Safety Training System (RSTS) | 3 Hours

Working in the Industry

Total 44 hours

  • Introduction to Equipment Theory | 22 hours
  • Simulators | 22 hours

Site Visits

  • 9 hours


Program Assistant

Harleen Kaur

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Harleen assists MCSC project managers in preparing training and presentation materials for program delivery. She supports the financial manager with administration requirements and databases. She is responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operation in a busy work environment.

Program Assistant

Fundamentals in Heavy Construction Certificate


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