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Austin Powder Limited and Hugh Munro Construction Ltd (HMCL) approached MCSC to develop a Blaster in Training program to address training gaps identified by the heavy construction and surface mining industries.

The Blaster in Training Program is designed as an independent study program for skilled construction labourers or blaster trainees working for road construction or surface mining companies in remote regions of the province.

The ten modules allow students to build on prior experience and work independently at their own pace with the support of a mentor blaster on the work site. Course materials include videos, review questions, case studies, personal log, reading resources and worksite documents that are relevant to the role and responsibilities of the blaster. Each module includes ÿve worksite assignments that allow for immediate application of new learning and feedback from an experienced blaster. Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared to write the Manitoba Blaster Certificate Exam.

Career opportunities may be found in road construction and surface mining


  • Students work independently on the construction site
  • A mentor blaster is assigned to guide student learning

Course One-pager

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Delivery Method


A mentor blaster needs to be assigned by the company and approved/registered with MCSC

Course Duration

An independent study program • 6 months to 1.5 years

Entrance Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Clear driver’s abstract
  • Clear criminal record
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Construction experience preferred


  • After completing the coursework, students will receive a certificate from MCSC
  • After successful completion of the provincial examination, students will receive a second certiÿcate from Safe Work Manitoba.

Completion Requirements

  • Regular Attendance
  • Completion of Assignments

Credit Transfer

Manitoba’s Blaster Certificate Exam:


Registration Instructions

Contact the Manitoba Construction Sector Council via the Program Assistant below.

Heavy Construction Flow Chart

See the following chart to see the program flow for the heavy Construction Employment Preparation Program.

See Chart

Course Modules

All Modules

  • Module 1: Safety on the Shot
  • Module 2: Products and Loading Practices
  • Module 3: Initiation and Timing
  • Module 4: Blast Calculations
  • Module 5: Blast Design and Blast Layout
  • Module 6: Environmental Effects
  • Module 7: Blasting Regulations
  • Module 8: Blast Report
  • Module 9: Blast Planning
  • Module 10: Special Applications


Program Assistant

Harleen Kaur

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Harleen assists MCSC project managers in preparing training and presentation materials for program delivery. She supports the financial manager with administration requirements and databases. She is responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operation in a busy work environment.

Program Assistant

Blaster in Training Certificate


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