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Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) was approached by Austin Powder Limited to develop a Blast Hole Drilling course, the first of its kind in Canada. The construction industry was finding the drillers were being trained by other drillers in the industry so training lacked standards of best practice and consistency in this very hazardous work. The Blast Hole Drilling Course was funded by Austin Powder Ltd to support the training of drillers across Canada.

Subject matter experts from Austin Powder, Epiroc, Hugh Munro Construction and Agassiz Drilling were brought together to develop the eight-module course in collaboration with MCSC. It was determined the use of simulators would be essential in the delivery of training. MCSC applied for funding through Western Diversification to purchase four blast-hole drilling simulators from Epiroc and Sandvik. $1.3 million was awarded to the sector council to purchase the simulators.

These simulators are housed in two office trailers that may be shipped on site for the delivery of training. Manitoba Construction Sector Council is a not for profit organization that offers training in Indigenous communities across Manitoba. MCSC is seeking to expand blast hole drilling training across Canada.

Career opportunities can be found in road construction and surface mining


  • Community Colleges (UCN, MITT, ACC)
  • Indigenous Communities

Course One-pager

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Delivery Method


Classroom and simulator training

Course Duration

8 weeks

Entrance Requirements

  • Valid Driver’s License


Manitoba Construction Sector Council and affiliated college

Completion Requirements

  • Regular Attendance
  • Completion of Assignments

Credit Transfer


Registration Instructions

Contact the Manitoba Construction Sector Council via the Program Assistant below.

Heavy Construction Flow Chart

See the following chart to see the program flow for the heavy Construction Employment Preparation Program.

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Course Modules

8 Modules

Module 1: Safety at the Site

Module 2: Drilling Basics

Module 3: Start-Up Procedures

Module 4: Basic Rig Simulator Operation

Module 5: Simulator Scenarios and Controls

Module 6: Simulator Tramming and Drilling to a Pattern

Module 7: Drilling Techniques and Documentation

Module 8: On the Job


Program Assistant

Harleen Kaur

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Harleen assists MCSC project managers in preparing training and presentation materials for program delivery. She supports the financial manager with administration requirements and databases. She is responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operation in a busy work environment.

Program Assistant

Blast Hole Driller Certificate


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