Category: Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Finish Operator

WinTec Building ServicesWinnipeg
$30.50per hour
WinTec Building Services

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

$ 30.50per hour
12 Hour Shift, Overtime, Monday to Friday, 10 Hour Shift, Weekend Availability

Job Description

Loader Operator

Job Details

Principal Duties

– Operate heavy machinery, specifically loaders, to move materials and equipment
– Load and unload materials onto trucks or conveyor belts
– Transport materials within the worksite to designated areas
– Perform routine maintenance on the loader, such as checking fluid levels and inspecting for any damages or malfunctions
– Follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment
– Communicate with other team members to coordinate tasks and ensure efficient operations


– Previous experience operating loaders or similar heavy machinery is required
– Knowledge of safety procedures and protocols related to operating loaders
– Ability to read and interpret work orders and instructions
– Strong hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness skills
– Physical stamina and strength to operate heavy machinery for extended periods of time

Length of Engagement:

Application Deadline:

June 21, 2024 12:00 am

Company Information:

Number of employees: Information not available
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