Here you can find resources provided by the speakers and presenters of the 2020 Manitoba Women in Trades: Building Our Future Converence.

February 18th, 2020

First Day of the Conference

Monique Buckberger

Featured Keynote Speaker

Proper Attraction, Onboarding & Retention of Women in Trades

Panel Discussion

Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC):

Supporting Reservists' Employment in Construction

Building Credibility in the Canadian Workplace

Jessica LoRusso

Communication/Language Barriers & Equality in the Construction Industry

Arnaud Rumbete, Rijad Hadzic & Jeffrey Skinner

Cultural Background in Relation to Culture in the Workplace

Panel Discussion

February 19th, 2020

Second Day of the Conference

John Bockstael

Featured Keynote Speaker

How to Thrive in Construction as a Woman

Colleen Munro & Nicole Chabot

Use Labour Market Information to Find High Demand Trades

Klayton Goncalves

Overcoming Barriers to Women in Trades

Eva Wilson-Fontaine

Understanding the Workload Vs. Mental Health

Richard Pow

Safety in the Workplace/Employee Rights

Carlos Vicente