Virtual fun and games a serious contributing factor for building careers in construction

Posted: March 8, 2024

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Students benefit from the experience of virtual reality to learn valuable skills that lead to greater interest and careers in construction.

All around us, the digital world is expanding, and more industries are taking advantage of the shift to digital to help advance their workforce. This is exactly the case in the construction industry, as students are getting the chance to step onto job sites without actually being there.

Build Games are downloadable and browser-based games that focus on giving students experiences in the field without even leaving the classroom.

James Murphy, the Community and Youth Liaison for MCSC has the great opportunity to see this different form of learning in action.

“Giving students access to this digital form of learning makes it easy to remember what they are learning,” Murphy said. “If they’re having fun, then they’ll want to learn more and take those next steps.”

These games are often used in combination with industry speaking opportunities, and that allows for the speaker to build a greater interest from the students. With the explanation of the basics from the speaker, students can begin to learn what it takes on a job site to work in the construction industry.

“The games help teach a lot about transferrable skills that are transferable from each sector,” Murphy explained. “They can virtually build residential, commercial, and heavy construction projects, while demonstrating many similarities between them.”

That’s where the speaker comes in, as those transferrable skills can only be learned when an industry expert teaches them the importance of learning the basics. The game and presentation combination works to bridge the gaps and helps get students on their way to building in the game.

Brendan Campbell, president of game developer Something We Love, heads up the effort to make these difference-making games.

“Build games allow for students to see the world around them from the comfort of the classroom,” Campbell said. “They get to see the things they can change in the world, and work on the actual things that can be changed.”

Something We Love is a Winnipeg-based developer that specializes in non-violent games that aim to have positive impacts, especially for young people.

“Using the games for education, especially with MCSC, is a great fit,” he explained. “It’s engaging, fun, and helps to motivate young people to learn more about future careers they may be interested in.”

Campbell and Something We Love helped to fill a need to modernize this experience, and they did so by making the games available to everyone with an internet connection. Back in 2005, this game was used with a CD and laptop. The gaming experience was not as engaging as it is today! Now, with each student getting the chance to explore  home building, commercial, and heavy construction build sites, the games open up a whole new opportunity for both students and speakers alike.

“Construction work sites can’t really be visited by youth in the real world,” Campbell said. “This does just that, but even safer. It highlights the important things including safety, tools, and the inner workings of a construction site.”

Murphy agrees entirely and looks forward to continuing to be a part of this new method of industry presentation.

“I love speaking to these students, but sometimes, that additional element really helps drive it home for them,” Murphy said. “They’re totally into it and even competing against each other. That’s the type of thing that helps create awareness about the industry.”

Working to capitalize on that awareness in this digital landscape is key to reaching students, and that is something Murphy is proud of.

“I’m happy to be a part of this,” he said. “Something like this where they can download it and have fun, it just makes so much sense going forward.”

Campbell agrees and knows how important it is to remain up to date with the tools that can be used.

“This is the way of the future,” he said. “Digital is safe and very accessible. It makes a lot of sense.”

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Virtual fun and games a serious contributing factor for building careers in construction


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