MCSC and ClearSecure work together to new train industry-ready employees

Posted: February 19, 2024

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The best type of training comes when both trainee and future employers benefit from that training, and MCSC and ClearSecure’s Glazier Training does just that.

The best type of training comes when both trainees and future employers benefit from that training, and MCSC and ClearSecure’s Glazier Training does just that. Pairing classroom time with field work with local ROCKGLASS manufacturers allows for this paid training program to fully prepare students to step right into a role in the industry.

That classroom time, which will be spent at the MCSC training centre, will be spent with Brent Sharp, an instructor with a wealth of experience and a passion for training.

“They get to spend a week in the classroom, but then get to go shadow in the field,” Sharp said. “After those hours, I’ll get to debrief with them to make sure things are on track.”

This paid, Canada Manitoba Job Grant-funded glazier training is a rewarding process for students and instructors alike, who get to work together to establish fundamentals that will lead to success in their fieldwork. Sharp sees it as a plus from the viewpoint of potential employers, who see the base skills established before even getting to shadow, meaning the student is already further ahead of other potential hires.

“This type of training benefits both the people in the program and the companies that work with them after they move out of the classroom,” he said. “It fills gaps and immediately helps companies by saving training costs, which is a huge plus.”

The key is establishing a skill base right off the bat, allowing students to feel more comfortable when moving into industry positions. The most important part of that skill base, however, is making sure everyone knows how to work safely.

“The program focuses heavily on safety,” Sharp said. “Then, you’re getting into the hands-on stuff, the problem-solving, and the tool work.”

Then, once they’ve built up their knowledge base in an in-class session, they get the ability to get out into placements with ClearSecure and other glass industry companies.

MCSC’s Education and Training Manager, Ramir Diaz sees great value in these private companies stepping up to give students a chance to step right into the workforce.

“It’s incredibly important,” Diaz said. “When the companies take the lead, there’s a much clearer path for students directly into jobs. Receiving this training directly from industry professionals facilitates the growth in confidence for participants. They learn and train right on site, complete training, become hired and continue on with long term employment. There is also room for advancement in the future for all learners.”

Industry training takes on greater meaning to those being trained when it’s clear that the companies throwing their support behind it want to help foster the success of the students.

“With ClearSecure helping to facilitate placements with their dealers, we’re seeing a better rate of industry positions being filled,” Diaz explained. “It’s something we watch closely, as we want this to be beneficial to the industry while also supporting the students.”

Sheila Reda, a Sales Administrator for ClearSecure, sees this as a perfect opportunity to introduce younger, up-and-coming professionals into the industry.

“We’re seeing a lot of our experienced professionals getting to retirement,” Reda explained. “This type of training, where we combine class and field work, helps these younger professionals really love this job.”

With this program being such a fast-paced, month-long training and placement, the success of getting students under the wing of seasoned installers often leads to immediate employment.

“Knowing the skills they already have when they arrive, the placement organizations will often hire them once the shadowing phase ends,” she said. “The drive these students have and the skills they learn in the paid training is something our dealers are searching for, so it’s a perfect match.”

With the training paying $15.30 for the first week and $16.00 for weeks two, three, and four, this becomes a unique opportunity for students to get a jump on everyone else while becoming sought-after employees.

Putting together a program like this takes a lot of work, but all involved find the process incredibly rewarding.

This is the largest training session ClearSecure and MCSC have provided yet, expanding the class size to 15 for the first time. The increased size is something Sharp is excited to be a part of, as his love of training will be able to provide these students with the needed knowledge.

“I have a huge passion for training,” said Sharp. “I do this on my own time, away from my own full-time teaching job, but seeing these students work their way through is the most gratifying thing.”

The program runs from Feb. 20 to Mar. 15 and students will receive a Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) micro-certificate upon completion of the training.

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MCSC and ClearSecure work together to new train industry-ready employees


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