Project Management

Project Management

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  1. I read about the law of the lid years back, though it was applied to personal growth and development, the application to workplace is revealing.
    For my team to grow, develop and excel, i have to be at fore front championing the growth by developing myself.
    A lion leading herds of goats will defeat a goat leading packs of lions. That is the law of the LID.

  2. Supervisor roles include
    Planning, organizing , coordinating and controlling projects.
    Oversees construction activities that take place at work place.
    Maintaining safety protocols and implementing site procedures
    Supervising sub- contractors and staff.

  3. Supervisors typically are responsible for
     Performing basic management skills (decision making, problem solving, planning, delegation and
    meeting management)
     Organizing their function and teams
     Noticing the need for and designing new job roles in the group
     Hiring new employees
     Training new employees
    Employee performance management (setting goals, observing and giving feedback, addressing
    performance issues, firing employees, etc.)
     Interpreting and applying personnel policies and other internal regulations.

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